Mounda Beach Hotel is not your typical hotel. It is a small family resort, with a capacity of 11 rooms spread in 3 buildings situated  in a total area of 5.5 acres filled with gardens. 
All rooms have their own independent external entrance and balcony/ terrace, with no relevance whatsoever to any other. Also, they are all equipped with a fridge / mini bar, kettle, sink and all necessary utilities to prepare a light snack.

All fixed daily meals are served mainly in the large outdoor area of ​​the restaurant overlooking the sea, but there is also the choice of take away in ecological disposable packaging, in order to eat in your room or at the beach.

Common outdoor areas and gardens are spacious enough to ensure the required distances are kept during meals, coffee, relaxation or exercise.

Access to the beach is equally safe, while its 5 km length renders it ideal for maintaining the (even bigger than) necessary social safety distances.

The staff of Mounda Beach Hotel have their temperature taken daily and are trained in compliance with all hygiene and safety regulations.

Check-in takes place outside the reception, where all and detailed information about the facilities and services of the hotel is also given. Check in is at 14:00 and check out at 11:00.

You will find antiseptic appliances placed in all public areas, as well as the lodging ones. We recommend its frequent use and regular hand washing.

Safe access to nature and sea, isolation by choice, peace and respect of privacy are the main reasons why our guests choose us at any point of time.


  • Is naturally ventilated for at least 3 hours before your arrival.
  • Sheets and towels are washed at 70 ο C.
  • All furniture surfaces, cupboard knobs, windows, doors, switches, kitchenette and bathroom are cleaned with a suitable disinfectant.
  • All fabric surfaces, sofas, armchairs, curtains and the bathroom basin are disinfected with a steam device (temperature 70 ο C)
  • The cleaning staff is trained to disinfect the premises and always wears a mask, gloves and a disposable apron.
  • Your maid is the last person to enter and leave your room, after having disinfected the knob on the front door.
  • You won’t find the restaurant menu in your room, for security reasons. You can request to see it at the reception desk.
  • A disposable cover is installed on the TV and air conditioner remote controls.
  • For your safety, the cleaning and garbage collection of your room is done by arrangement, during the check in.


  • Breakfast is served at your table instead of the usual buffet procedure, still with the customary variety and unlimited amount standards as per usual.
  • Tables are placed further than the required safety distance between them.
  • Please keep the required distances from the staff and other hotel guests.
  • Table seats are disinfected before and after your meal.
  • All utensils that come to your table have been washed at 70 ο C or have been cleaned with a suitable disinfectant.
  • Kitchen and serving staff are trained in hygiene and always wear a mask and gloves, which are changed regularly.


  • We recommend to exclusively use the toilet in your room. In case of emergency, public toilets can be used upon request.
  • Car rental:  All cars are disinfected with suitable products and steam appliances before each use.
  • Your driver to and from the airport wears a mask and gloves, abiding to all the rules of hygiene, while at the same time he supplies you with individual antiseptic wipes.
  • The vehicle used for your transport to and from the airport is always disinfected according to the current specifications of the Health Organization.
  • Payments for all services can be made through no contact transaction means (credit card or via bank transfer).